Colour is the soul of nature and of the whole cosmos and we become part of this soul while we are experiencing the colours...
Rudolf Steiner
Enea discende nell'Averno

...we must forget everything that is around us in order to concentrate completely on colour, immersing ourselves in it, to become one with colour.
Rudolf Steiner
Alba con alberi

The Goethean paintings, in the sense understood here, adopts as motives only THEMES OF COLOUR, developed in respect of the natural prerogatives of colours themselves, which Goethe highlighted in his “Theory of Colours”. Only in this way do colours fully exert their strong provocation of SENSATIONS that have OBJECTIVE character, so that they become palpitating mediators of messages.
GESTURES and SHAPE that are emerging don’t follow preordained plans, but instead are determined by the dynamism of the colours involved. From all these arise FIGURES that are not intended to express the visible realty, but the intimate essence of colours and of their shapes, individualised like COLOUR ENTITIES, belonging to that singular chromatic world.
The Goethean procedure involves the repeated layering of veiling and therefore watercolours are primarily used.
Thus, colour acquires intensity, depth and resilience while maintaining charming transparency, vividness and brightness. If need be, there are possible involvements with other means to obtain particular effects


    Luciano Balduino the allure of colours in the goethean painting
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